Ideas for Arcade Apps


-My first Idea would be an integration with App. is a plattform to create marketplaces so people can trade stuff with each other

  • I would like to introduce UBI so people get tokens for free but they can only use them for services within arcade city or even only certrain guilds. So every person in Arcade city gets a certain ammount of arcade each day say 0,33$ but thos tokens can’t be sold on the market. You have to earn tokens in order to get them out of arcade city. ( is doing this) I like it because everyone likes free money . In hyperspace they call it inactive balance (ubi income) and active balance (earned income). the inactive balacne has a cap so if you are not active you won’t get UBI until you reduce your inactive balance by buying services for example.

  • It would be nice to have an App like ebay but only for renting out stuff to your nighbours

  • It would be nice to have an App where gouildmembers can discuss topic in a ration manner (pro arguments / contra arguments)

  • it would be nice to have an App where people can share there ideas how to improve their community (perhaps connected with the argument app

  • it would be nice to have an app where i can offer services for people in my community


Hi there, welcome to the forum. These are great ideas - thank you. I especially like the idea of doing a voluntary, crypto-based version of UBI.

We’re just now setting up a Discord channel for realtime discussion-- I’m sending you a private message with an invite and look forward to chatting with you further in there.


I really like the idea of a forum for vetted people to barter goods and services. I’m following Arcade City closely from Oceanside San Diego. I would love to start something out here.