Is this platform only Facebook-based?


Hi, I am very interested in this project and it’s possibilities in opening up the gig market. However, I am concerned, because the app seems to demand a Facebook account in order to open the app. After a recent decision of mine lead me to delete my social media accounts in-favor of focusing on work and my studies, I have no intention of establishing a new Facebook Account. I would be very sad to find out that such a network that seeks to replace other gig networks for a more decentralized platform would require the use of Facebook.


I am at in the same situation.


I am as well. I will not use Facebook for this.


Hi folks, we have added email+password signup/login to our website and it will be in the next major version of our mobile app v3.2, ETA early June.

I invite you to join our Discord in the meantime: invite link is at the top of