New helper reaching the Arcade City


Hello! :raising_hand_man: My name is Dori Claudino.
I’ve been working with different technologies during these years (9 years), let’s say played different roles on this game :video_game: (DBA, developer, analyst, etc) :crazy_face:
I’m a full time Uber/Lyft driver :red_car::red_car: and during my free time I’m developing some personal projects using ReactNative/TS with Redux (migrated from Mobx). :love_you_gesture::heart_eyes:

As I have experienced many situations during the time that I’m driving, I believe that I can contribute with :cityscape: The Arcade City Hall to build a better platform and with cool ideas. :cool: :brain:
Same as the :cityscape: The Arcade City, I’m looking for my place in the sun. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As a new member on the :cityscape: The Arcade City, I would like to power leveling the city :rocket::rocket: with my preferred build :mage::woman_mage::
:pick: Javascript/TS,
:hammer_and_pick: Firebase,
:hammer_and_wrench: ReactJS,
:crossed_swords:Translation (I’m PT-BR native speaker):brazil:

However, I also know others technologies:
:snake: Python,
:computer_mouse: C#,
:coffee: Java,
:elephant: PHP,
:a: Angular,
:bar_chart: T-SQL,
:four_leaf_clover: NodeJS
:spider_web: Web (css, html…)

I’m using React Native TypeScript and AirBnb TSLint to keep the code nice and clean :smiley:
I really enjoy to learn new technologies and frameworks and code something that is helpful for other people, so as I think Arcade is. :muscle::crossed_fingers:


Hey Dori. Boa noite. Strong emoji game :slight_smile:

Yes we’d love your help on dev. Hopefully you can be our first developer guinea pig, like helping us flesh out our process for getting new developers onboarded and productively helping.

I mentioned potentially helping on an AC crypto wallet-- but also with your tech stack and Portuguese background I’d love to get your help on our current mobile app. Translation to Portuguese has already been high on our to-do list, as we have a relatively large Brazil community wanting the app in Portuguese before spreading it much. And generally we could use help figuring out a solid process for internationalization.

The app stack is ReactNative / TypeScript / Firebase so it should be right up your alley. Also MobX, which I migrated to away from Redux, hah – will be curious to hear your thoughts there.

We’ve got a small dev team working on the mobile app now with weekly calls via google hangout on Thursdays at 10am CT. If you’re free to join this week, that would be a great way to get you plugged in. I will message you details. And will get your github username to add you to our github org.

Welcome to the forum - and to Arcade City!


Hello Dori,

I live in Sorocaba, 80km from São Paulo.
Where are you from in Brazil?


I’m from Timbo-SC.