Support in Brazil


Hello guys, who wants a brazilian friend?

My name is Bhreno Paladino.
Last week I attended to a Blockchain forum in São Paulo, and was happy to find the Arcade City marvelous project. Besides beautifully matching my own vision for the new economy, what I loved about the project was that it is all about taking responsibility and creating the change right NOW!

I have experience with startup sales and business development. I would be delighted if I could help more deeply in the business strategy.
Count on me if you need support for translation to portuguese too.

It would be lovely to see the project creating buzz in Brazil.
Can’t wait to grab some popcorn and watch the establishment struggling while the power is restored to the individuals.

See ya!


Hey Bhreno, welcome. We are excited to go big in Brazil. I’m messing you a link to join our new Discord server - would love to chat with you further in there.


Hi Chris! Could you send me the Discord link too?


Yep just did

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